Internal vs. External Innovation:

Whether it's gaining or maintaining market share, building brand equity, or running organizations more efficiently—organizations know they need to innovate to stay relevant.

But where are these innovations in positioning, product, and process coming from? And how do you go from ideas on a page to category-bending, organization-changing propositions?


Internally-led innovation is great. It pulls in the expertise of your team members – the heroes that make your organization amazing, day in and day out. But often the thought processes that help you win every day don’t help you think more creatively. You know—the way your customers want you to think, and the way your competitors wish you wouldn’t.

Externally-led innovation is where organizations turn. And often the solutions are fantastic. Sometimes they’re too fantastic—too whiz-bang, not on strategy, or impossible to execute. Or worse, they don’t draw in deeper insights and bring your organization along for the ride.

Skyscraper, Inc.'s approach gives your team the best of both worlds. We empower your internal teams to think very differently about their innovation challenges. The results are breakthrough ideas that actually work!


The Science of Creativity

The mind receives input from all experiences, scientific or not. If left to percolate, those combine, blindly and at random, to fuel truly one-of-a-kind ideas that everyone wants to emulate.”
— Dean Keith Simonton, PhD Author, Genius 101

Skyscraper is different because our processes are built around the science of creativity. Our innovation techniques draw on decades of psychological and occupational behavior research. They're designed to literally re-wire the way your brain thinks about your innovation challenges. And when your cross-functional internal experts are able to think differently, they can develop truly amazing things!

Far better than mining for consumer insights by writing bullet points on a chart pad or scribbling on sticky notes, our process helps innovation teams get to the core of the consumer’s emotional and sensorial experience.


  • Naming

  • Brand Architecture

  • Logo & Identity

  • Development

  • Collateral Design

  • Packaging

  • Web Design

  • Events


  • Product & Strategy Development

  • User-Insights-Based Innovation

  • Quantitative & Qualitative Research

  • Segmentation

  • Installation Design

  • Retail Design

  • Brainstorming Facilitation

  • Focus Group Facilitiy (SkyQ)

  • Creative ideation space

OUR Proprietary Processes take you every step of the way

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Ready to learn more about your consumer or explore a new idea? Early in your innovation pipeline, Groundbreaker helps identify and prioritize opportunities for insights mining, new idea creation, and organizational alignment.

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Need a range of novel, on-target ideas for new products or new brands? When you're ready to fill your innovation idea pipeline, Builder creates breakthrough consumer propositions and product ideas that are rooted in insights and that drive category growth.

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Got something great that you're excited to bring to market? When you have a product idea to launch, Designer creates holistic prototypes that delight, drive product satisfaction, and maximize consumer loyalty.

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Building a food start-up with potential for national or global reach? When you’re ready to strategically take your emerging food start-up to the next level through smart and sustainable retail distribution, Developer is there to help. Visit the Website

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A fast, nimble way to study real-world responses to new brand propositions. Skyscraper’s proprietary methodology lets you minimize risk and quickly and efficiently iterate good ideas into great ones. Whether you're testing brand reach or exploring a new product's possible claims and benefits, Core Sample is the lightweight and efficient way to find out what works in the real world. Visit the website.