Real Consumer Behavior,
Not Survey Data.

Since the 1950’s, researchers have been reading the tea leaves in survey data to infer how their consumers felt about a new product concept, variety, or benefit to take the risk out of business decisions.

Now, Core Sample identifies what consumers actually want by observing real behavior in response to real stimuli!



One Methodology. Many Uses.

Core Sample allows for real consumer clicks to guide many business decisions once reserved for boring, long, and woefully inaccurate surveys. Now more accurate social listening data is at your fingertips, faster!

Benefit Screening  
Identify the most compelling benefit messaging for the front of your pack (or the top of your e-commerce site!)

Concept Screening
Compare new product ideas to existing product benchmarks

Find the right positioning for your new product or service

Product and Service Features
Prioritize the key product features in an MVP or service

Brand Identity 
Confidently move forward with the brand that breaks through with consumers

Product Assortment
Quickly sort the winning varieties in your product assortment.



Confident Analytics.

Core Sample studies measure consumer response using hundreds of thousands of impressions and thousands of responses with real consumers.

Forget about margins of error and confidence intervals. With Core Sample, you make more confident decisions with real data, not fuzzy numbers. 



Learn. Go.

Work with our strategy team, implement a study, and get real insights in as little as 1-2 weeks.  And Core Sample can cost significantly less than other traditional research methods!


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