Meet Brooke Snyder

Introducing the newest, most bright-eyed member of the Skyscraper team, Brooke Snyder!

She's a recent graduate of the Communication Design Program at Kutztown University and joined the Skyscraper Team as our Communication Design Associate this summer. We sat down with Brooke to try and figure out how she’s managed to put up with us thus far.


What made you want to be a designer?

As a child, I always loved doing things that were crafty and creative. I had way too many art kits, drawing pads, and random art supplies around my house. 
I’ve also always enjoyed working on a computer and with other technology. In 9th grade I was helping teach a Sunday School class at my church and we needed an illustration for a story we were writing. I essentially ended up creating and editing a cartoon in MS paint. Through working on that simple project, I really started to become intrigued by the idea of creating art digitally and knew I wanted to become a designer.

What makes you excited to head to work every day? (We know it’s a bit of a commute from York!)

The main thing is knowing that I get to work with such a fun, talented group of individuals. I know that they are going to teach me or inspire me to push my design skills and creative thinking in a new way each and every day. 
(I also get a little more excited when Lancaster Central Market is open. I love walking around and trying treats from all the different vendors!)

We have a lot of global clients. Anywhere in particular you’d like to see Skyscraper visit?

I would love to see Skyscraper visit Iceland. I’ve always been curious about that part of the world and the way of life there. Not only would it be interesting to see how people there live, but also how that affects the way they view different products and services.    

On the weekend we can find you ____________?

I’m hard to track down on the weekends! If I’m not at home spending time with my friends and family, I really enjoy taking weekend trips to different places. Most recently, I visited Pittsburgh and Atlantic City, but I also enjoy exploring Philadelphia and New York City with my friends from college.   

What's on your 'Most Innovative' list lately?

I'm into The Vamp Stamp made by Cult Beauty. Essentially, it's a stamp with a wing shape on the ends that allow users to stamp on their winged eyeliner, rather than having to physically draw it on.
I've never been one who spends a great deal of time putting on makeup. For me, the easier and simpler the process can be the better! 
Despite this mentality, I've recently been trying to learn the rather difficult art of applying winged eyeliner. After much practice, it’s just not something I can seem to get the hang of. When I saw this product, it immediately piqued my interest. I love that it's a quick, easy, and hassle-free way of getting a look I want. The simple stamping action is much less stressful than trying to keep my hand from shaking when drawing on my eyeliner.
With a product such as this, I know my eyeliner will always come out looking great, even though I spent no time at all applying it. 

Where do you find creative inspiration?

This is probably the most millennial answer possible, but I would have to say Instagram!
I like having the ability to have so many different styles of design at my fingertips. It keeps me thinking about how I can expand upon the designs I'm working on in a new way. It’s also fun to be surprised by a new style of design every time I open the app.