Women in STEM Podcast

Women in STEM Podcast

Our very own Creativity Director, Melina Blees, recently appeared on the Women in STEM podcast hosted by Kara Newhouse.

She discusses her experiences as a scientist, artist, and lifelong student of curiosity. An unconventional—in retrospect—and very special childhood gave her the confidence to take the road less traveled. This particular road led to a Phd in Physics from Cornell University, pursued in tandem with classes in print making and an interest in paper arts that informed her work in nanotechnology.

Building Higher at Skyscraper!

2017 is shaping up to be a year of big changes at Skyscraper! With a rapidly-growing team and a new studio space, we felt a re-brand was in order. We're officially rolling it out today and couldn't be more proud of the results.  

Much of the credit goes to our Communication Design Director, Shani Tucker, who built this new identity from the ground up. She leveraged the best of our previous identity, while creating a mark that reflects how our team works together using the building blocks of consumer need to create amazing innovation.  

Much gratitude and congratulations are in order to the team for an amazing step higher!

-Michael Murphy

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