Find Out What Grabs Your Consumer!

Core Sample Digital Engagement Monitor gives you a fast, nimble way to study real-world responses to new brand propositions. Skyscraper’s proprietary methodology let's you minimize risk and quickly and efficiently iterate good ideas into great ones. Whether you're testing brand reach or exploring a new product's possible claims and benefits, Core Sample is the lightweight and efficient way to find out what works in the real world.



A fast and efficient way to obtain massive samples of context-sensitive data in either US or worldwide markets.


High return on investment in a short period of time.


Test what grabs consumer attention, while mitigating selection bias to help reach challenging groups.

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Use Occasions


Explore brand reach and gather early data to build organizational buy-in.


Minimize risk by validating internal team assumptions, allowing innovation to be focused on the highest-impact opportunities.


Streamline benefit spaces and front-of-pack communication options.