Our Mantra:
Empower the Innovators


We believe in The Innovators. They are the people that can see the future and what's possible. Our sole purpose is to help them change their organizations and the marketplace for the better. 

Our work is dedicated to driving a clearer picture of innovation strategy.  It’s not just about a fancy drawing of a new idea. It’s about innovative solutions that are actionable and create a new future for organizations.

That is, ideas that are on-strategy, feasible to enact, and have true ownership from the internal team.


The Science of creativity

What makes Skyscraper so different? Our innovation techniques are designed to rewire the way your brain thinks about your innovation challenges. Find Out How

OUR process

We offer four proprietary processes to drive innovation at every stage in your innovation pipeline. Want to know the right fit for your organization? Let's Get Curious

Winning Capabilities

Listening and learning. Exploding and extrapolating. Investigating and intuiting. Creating and making. See What We Can Do for You

the talent

From beginning to end, we’re thinkers and doers with a diverse range of talents that come together perfectly to meet any challenge. Meet The Team




We've helped entrepreneurs and Fortune 100 companies
create what's next on four continents.

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